What are Tea- Flections? Tea- Flections are inspirational moments created by our team to bring love, hope, confidence and inspiration to our customers. Each jar of Fanchion K's Tea Time comes with their own "Tea-Flection". Each month brings new Tea-Flections. On this page please enjoy live Tea-Flections through our blogs, videos or snippets from past events.

October 1, 2019
If there is a dream in your heart pursue it. Big dreams can be overwhelming so break it down into small steps. Taking small steps , towards your dream, forms one big step. What small steps can you take this week that will move you towards the dream in your heart?
— Fanchion Kenady

October 7, 2019

"Have a seat and sip a cup of tea. Let's share our dreams, visions, shed tears, and share our joys. Then we'll depart ready to conquer the world!”

Everyone needs a good teatime partner. Schedule time this week to sip tea with a friend.