What are Tea- Flections?  Tea- Flections are inspirational moments created by our team to bring love, hope, confidence and inspiration to our customers. Each jar of Fanchion K's Tea Time comes with their own   "Tea-Flection".  Each month brings new Tea-Flections. On this page please enjoy live Tea-Flections through our blogs, videos or snippets from past events.  

Tea-Flection: HOPE - Posted August 7, 2017

Our Tea-Flection speaker Valeriana Chikoti Bandua shares on  HOPE at Fanchion K's Tea Time "Afternoon Tea." 

Valeriana is a humanitarian entrepreneur from Angola, her remarkable story as a former refugee has been featured in her TED Talk titled: Protect the girl child.

Her expertise range from being a professional public speaker, a human rights advocate of the girl child and displaced women. Migrant advocacy engagement, community and international development, to HIV and AIDS issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Valeriana's professional experience has allowed her to serve as Angolan diplomat in the United Nations in the area of human rights. However more recently she started More Than A Refugee in 2016 as a way to channel her passion for marginalized populations into practical action on a grassroots level. She also serves as the co-founder lead Project Manager for EdureIT: a socially conscious IT startup app company. In her spare time Valeriana enjoys ample Netflix series, laughter with friends and family, traveling, and engaging her culinary curiosities.

Tea-FLection: Love - Posted August 8, 2017

Our Tea-Flection speaker Sethie Amakye shares on LOVE at Fanchion K's Tea Time "Afternoon Tea."

Hi there:) My name Sethlina Yaa Afriyie Amakye, Sethie/Sethy for short.

I was born in Ghana, W. Africa, made a few pits stops in (Australia, Canada etc) and eventually landed in America at the age of 12. Although I’ve lived in several states I call Akron, Ohio home.

My story of brokenness is instrumental to who I am today.

I was sexually assaulted in 2000 at the age 16 and consequently spent several years trying make sense of what happened. I eventually convinced myself that it was mutual. I  didn’t even think about what it  truly was until my mid 20’s.
By the time, I had spent over 10 years “coping” and stayed in and out of abusive romantic relationships and friendships.

I spent a lot of time playing make-believe and giving people an incomplete version of myself. The “Lina” I wanted others to see was a mask that became harder and hard to put on. I felt immense pressure to look like I had it altogether when in reality my insides were disintegrating.

After many years of feeling beaten up by life, I turned and made half joking/half serious inquiry to God. I told Jesus that if He was real He would show up and allow me to see Him. Well, my Lord took that request literally and did exactly that. I’ve been on a search to find out more about Him ever since.

The journey from brokenness, to redemption, and then finally to TRULY believing in my
enough-ness (is that a word?) is harder than it looks (in all honesty it sucks most days).  I am grateful for a God who saw my potential and refused to let me stay where I was.
We serve a MIGHTY God, don’t we?

I am purposed to use my story to speak life and hope into the lives of women. Love, Sethie is just my way of sharing myself in a more intimate manner, in the hopes of liberating women of faith from chains of darkness.

I AM A: 

  • Speaker (with a heavy focus on relationships, families, education and womanhood)

  • Author of The Little Pink Book: The Modern Girls Guide to Christ Centered Femininty

  • Life Coach/Mentor

  • Interior Designer/Event Stylist for homes and special events

  • Business Owner (Love, Sethie – formerly Timely Grace )

  • Educator (M.Ed)

  • Wife + Mommy

Tea-Flection: confidence -posted August 9, 2017

Our Tea-Flection speaker Rachel Proctor shares on CONFIDENCE at Fanchion K's Tea Time "Afternoon Tea."

Engaging. Motivating. Powerful.

Those are just a few words that others have used to describe Rachel L. Proctor as a speaker, author and business leader. She loves motivating and inspiring audiences of any size to live out their God given purpose!

Texas-bred entrepreneur, Rachel L. Proctor, has revolutionized the way women lead in business, ministry and public service. Rachel currently serves as the Mayor Pro Tem for the city of DeSoto, Texas. She was re-elected in a General Election in May 2014, winning the election overwhelmingly with 78% of the vote. She also serves as a board member for the Dallas County Child Welfare Board.

Ms. Proctor is the Owner and Administrative Director of the Neighborhood Christian Learning Center of Dallas, Inc. NCLC of Dallas is also a part of Dallas ISD’s School Readiness Integration Program and has been designated by the Texas Education Agency as a “Pre K Center of Excellence”! She also owns and operates Property Management Inc. - Metro Dallas; a full service property management firm which serves clients throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

As a consummate entrepreneur and savvy business woman, Rachel grew up watching her dad, the late Cecil Ray Proctor, build businesses and she began working alongside him starting at the tender age of 14. It was that opportunity that planted a seed that would grow into her deep desire to help other aspiring business owners realize the dream of charting their own course in life through entrepreneurship.

In 2011, she stepped out on faith and created her first corporation, Raysquared, Inc. The focus of Rayquared, Inc. is to mentor and coach budding entrepreneurs and help them create socially responsible businesses aimed at changing the world around them.
Her zest for building brands has led her to create multiple online business coaching programs as well as host multiple live events to help women entrepreneurs get their start in business and leadership. Most recently Rachel saw a need to help aspiring entrepreneurs with little to no experience in business ownership get the tools they need to launch side businesses while still working their full time jobs. This led her to create her digital business training program - 30 Day Business School™. Over 1,000 students worldwide and in 10 different countries have taken this course to date!

As the brainchild and creator of the eMErge™ Online Devotional App, Rachel engages her app subscribers with daily inspirational messages, shareable timeline graphics for social media and Bible studies to help them live intentionally in their faith, life, love and businesses! Rachel is a two-time published author. Her first release, "My Best Year Ever: 12 Lessons to Help You Make This a Year to Remember” has received rave reviews from women all over the globe! She has crafted the “My To Achieve Journal: Plan Your Day and Conquer Your Year” Action Guide and journal. This a practical roadmap of proven strategies to help the busy, modern women be more productive and intentional with each day to produce the desired outcomes for their year.

Community service is at the heart of everything Rachel does. Her love for her alma mater, DeSoto High School, fueled her to launch a non-profit called EMERGE Leadership, Inc. (ELI) which helps female, first generation college students navigate the journey from high school to college through creative programming and scholarship opportunities. To date, ELI has provided young women with scholarships totaling nearly $10,000 since its inception in 2013!

She has been recognized by the Dallas Business Journal as an inductee in the 2016 "Top 40 Under 40" Class. She has also been recognized by the Lancaster, Texas Chamber of Commerce as a leader to look out for in their “Top 40 Under Forty” 2013 Class. She received the Steed Society Female Success Factor Award naming her as one of the “Top 25 Women of Dallas” for 2014 and the Mabel Chandler Distinguished Award from the Elite News for her service to Dallas County. She has also been awarded the South Dallas Business & Professional Women's Club Ombudswoman Award for her contributions to youth. She was voted “Best Elected Official” in the Focus Daily News Readers Choice Awards. She was given the Community Service Award by the Old Chisholm Trail Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Rachel is also a 2015 DeSoto High School Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee!

Rachel is currently a Minister in Training through the Potters House School of Ministry which is also her home church. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington and she is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Rachel’s influence is also strong in her personal brand with an exploding social media presence and a growing loyal following more affectionately known to her as the Emerge Online Community, which is a community of visionaries aspiring to live their best lives now! Whether Rachel is ministering to congregations or training leaders within corporate organizations, she is sure to leave an indelible mark wherever she goes! She looks forward to connecting with you on her inspirational blog, RachelLProctor.com!




Our Tea-Flection speaker Ann Lott shares on Inspiration at Fanchion K's Tea Time "Afternoon Tea."

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